Poll: Which browser do you use for personal use?
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Which Browser Do You Use

I use chrome as well, I got use to all the F12 developer tools with it. Every browser pretty much has most of the same tools now, but it's hard for me to switch or even think about switching because I got myself to good comfort level with Chrome.

I know what you mean, I did the same with Chrome too, but since switching to Firefox, and a small learning curve, there are some touches and differences that are really good, and I have not regretted it since. In fact some of the tools available are much better than chromes for debugging and tracing that elusive css rule causing problems.

I use Firefox for development. For normal browsing, I use opera or Firefox. I use opera mini and Opera for phone.
Chrome creates boxes like thing while scrolling. So, I don't like using it.

Mostly I use Chrome and prefer it over IE.

I chose Other because I use each of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on a regular basis (I have all three open right now). I use IE for testing only, especially since I have to open up a VM to use it. If I'm debugging an issue which is not browser-specific, I usually use Firefox. I use Chrome primarily for Gmail, Google Calendar, etc. For general browsing I drift between the three.

At work, which one I use will often be determined by which monitor I want the content to be on, since I don't usually move my browsers from one monitor to another. I usually want my email visible on a monitor I have rotated 90 degrees, so I can see more items in the inbox at once, I have my ticket system open in Firefox on another monitor, and Safari is usually on the third for reference and initial testing, side-by-side with my editor.

Using firefox all the time , and chrome for occasional purposes
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Nice Thread. I use chrome for web developing and firefox for security testing. Big Grin

Seriously? lol. Safari all the way here. If I am targeting people with money and they are Mac users, I'm on the boat with them.
The only difference browser makes in my products are none! when related to ci.
All browsers do the same basic html/css.

Stopped using chrome for privacy concern (as I'm not a shareholder). Stopped using firefox because its a huge memory hog and inconveniently is not snappy UI. Wish I could use chrome but they are too weird with the stalking stuff.

Opera didnt have basic menu tasks like export bookmarks to html lol. I dont know what their priorities are but they're not matching with mine.

I'm nitpicky but Safari seems the most stable in terms of features.

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