Poll: Which browser do you use for personal use?
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Which Browser Do You Use

Just re-installed Firefox and it is surprisingly fast. I mean really noticeably faster than IE or Chrome. Also Chrome seems to have this strange double click = double post affect going on at the moment which IE and Firefox do not exhibit.

So I was wondering which browser do people use?

For the last year I have been a chrome user, but I think I am going to give FF another go.

If I have missed off a big option (like opera) post a suggestion and I will add it to the poll if I can.
EDIT: I don't seem to be able to edit the poll options :-(

Look forward to seeing the results, so please vote!

I am using vivaldi. You miss safari too.

On my smartphone i am using chrome.

Vivaldi looks interesting - never heard of it before. Just had a good read and it might be a bit young, but will give it a go. Thoroughly enjoying Firefox for now though. I cannot recall what upset me about firefox, I think I might have gone plugin crazy at some point and it got really slow. Will definitely be trying out vivaldi though.

Yes, I should have put Safari and Opera in there though. I did it in a hurry and cannot edit it now (can't see an edit button.) Perhaps an Admin could add them in for me (if they can).


Firefox for all the add ons. Script and Ad blockers greatly increase the speed and security. Its also uh "interesting" to see how many 3rd party apis etc many websites connect to. Its like do you really need to connect to 20 different 3rd party apis to show that one web page? I've also started using a firefox add on called Flash Control which is awesome. It blocks all flash by default which is much faster and more secure.
Safari browser was a dog but its much faster now.

Main browser is chrome, but I also have IE and FireFox installed for testing reasons.
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Firefox for general browsing, Chrome for dev.

Chrome's dev tools have really improved recently, and though I thought I would never say it, seem to be better than Firebug now.

Yeah, and they are going to get a whole lot better soon too with the new stuff coming out. However, I think it is time to stop Google taking over the internet. Stealing, robbing, selling out, conspiring, dodging taxes, lying and spying. It will take more than a few 'handy' tools to make me feel comfortable with them. Now if only I could ditch my Android phone, but then I would be in the clutches of slave labouring Apple degenerates. Come to think of it, I probably bought my phone from Amazon. Are there not any decent companies left in the world? Perhaps BCIT will give me a job, they seem a decent enough bunch :-)

PS Forgot to add that I have really enjoyed using FF tonight. A breathe of fresh air. Have you seen the market share for Chrome though? I suspect it isn't because Chrome is great anymore, it is because of their monopoly on everything it seems these days. Oh well, at least Microsoft got LinkedIn, the most boring site in the world, for just 46 Billion dollars.

I need some sleep,


Most Often I use Chrome. Now I am using firefox browser for checking some DEO fact as well.

Firefox for development and general browsing, others only for functional testing.
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im using chrome
but the memory that it used to chrome is so much big

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