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AM trying to adapt a project am working on in mysql to mssql, but I get the following error while attempting to run this query:
PHP Code:
$this->usid $user_tin;

The error:
Error Number: HY000/208

General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server [208] (severity 16) [SELECT TOP 1 "taxpayer_id" FROM "crirs_tin" WHERE "tin" = '1903798293-0001' ]

SELECT TOP 1 "taxpayer_id" FROM "crirs_tin" WHERE "tin" = '1903798293-0001'

Filename: models/Account_m.php

Line Number: 45

It seems the error comes from the double quotes being wrapped around table names and columns. I haven't been able to sort this out, I'll be very grateful if anyone can show a way on how to remove the double qoutes!

Have you tried executing the SQL using SQL Server Management Studio (or some other method)? The driver uses either the double quotes or square brackets ([ and ]) around identifiers based on the detected configuration of the database connection.

If SQL Server is installed using a case-sensitive collation, table, column, and variable names may be case sensitive, even when the database itself uses a case-insensitive collation.

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