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back-end and front-end separation

dejitaru, is there a way to share some libraries or models between font end and back end using your method?

Sharing a library is not a problem, just drop it under the system/libraries nut sharing a model could me a problem. The way I do is copying the model in both models folders

[eluser]Leonard Yulianus[/eluser]
this is what i've done and worked for me.
just make 2 controllers, admin and public. then make 2 subdirectories in your /views folder (/views/admin and /views/public)

yes of course Psyco, it just about preferences ^_^ I prefer my client go:
http://www.example/admin instead of http://www.example/admin.php

It may sound perhaps silly... but you should meet my clients! they call me twice a week because of the .php at the end

Hello friends
I am using Code Igniter 2.0.2,
Can anyone tell me how to create a separate admin folder inside application folder.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello all,

If you have problem to separate admin and front-end (modules, template)

Solution is over here, https://github.com/bhuban/modular

Module separation for admin and fron-end using HMVC and template separation using template libraries

I am using two third party libraries, you can find it in zip file.

1. HMVC for modular developed by wiredesignz
2. Template engine for templating by Phil Sturgeon

Just unzip it into your webserver root directory and run

localhost/modular for front-end


localhost/modular/admin for back-end

application/back-modules, it is for the back-end modules

application/front-modules, it is for the front-end modules

templates/admin for the back-end templates
templates/front for the front-end templates

themes/admin for the back-end themes
themes/front for the front-end themes

Nothig hacked in original code just configured using config.php and index.php

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