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Desable access denied for posting scripts...

Hi... fast explanation of my problem:


Well, I have an app that admins a web site and my client need to change advertisings.
Sometimes the advertising will be dwf or images, sometimes google scripts or others.

But when I try posting it, ci returns me access denied...


How can I desable that?

There's no way to post < script > tags?

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
I can foresee no reason at all why CI would keep your from submitting a SCRIPT tags via a form. I imagine this is an application that was developed by someone else?

I recommend either: A) diving into the code yourself; B) contacting the original developer; C) posting in the job board to hire someone to work on it for you.

Michael, thanx for answering. This app was developed by me when I post < script > tags it returns me Access Denied...

403 Error
Access denied...

I'm trying to prepare the script tag with javascript before submiting form.
It looks be fine, now my form is submiting.

If anyone knows a nice way to prepare tags before submit please tell me.

Thanx all.

I had to do this:

function prepareScriptTags(form)
        var x = document.getElementById(form);
        var y = document.getElementById('script_');
        var value = y.value;
        if ( y.value != '')
            var code = value.replace(/</g, "&lt;");
            code = code.replace(/>/g, '&gt;');
        y.value = code;

The '<' and '>' in codes &l;... &g;... here it appears in text

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