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Building a CMS with CodeIgniter


I'm building a new CMS with CodeIgniter soon. If you have built one, then, according to your experience, do you have anything helpful you'd like to share? tips or plugins maybe?

I'd really appreciate your input

First step for us was to use the Matchbox Contribution (see ignited code) for future enhanncemets and modules for the site.

[quote author="Lone" date="1204734362"]First step for us was to use the Matchbox Contribution (see ignited code) for future enhanncemets and modules for the site.[/quote]

Thanks Lone. Matchbox sounds pretty good. Is it supported well by developers though? I wouldn't want to invest my time on something that might become deprecated after a while.

Any other tips?

Use EE.

[eluser]CI Lee[/eluser]
[CoDeR]'s reply may come across as smart ass but it is very valid. When you factor in the time it takes to roll your own, the $$$ charged for EE is very cheap.... We have worked into our plan for 2008 to move a lot of our development to EE.

When it comes down to it you need to address it on a case by case basis however building a site on EE is quite enjoyable and most of all profitable.


[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Completely agree - and with EE 2.0 being released (or at least previewed, but I am pretty sure it's a release) at SXSW... the awesomeness just grows.

I fully agree with what you are saying CI Lee and I think for 90% of people on here EE would be a much better way to go then trying to build your own. We have two of us here fulltime working on our own CMS based on CI and have easily racked up 4 weeks almost so far.

It is however financially beneficial for us to build our own as after about 8-10 clients we will break even for the time we have vested into it and the price we sell it at.

The key thing to keep in mind is that we won't resell our CMS to developers (at a cheap price anyways) as it isn't what we are aiming towards with the business, we aim towards selling complete solutions to the end client. We dont have the resources/time to support selling many copies to developers - we leave it to the experts like EllisLabs Smile

@KeyStroke: It has been 100% stable through anything I have put it through so far - if you look at his recent bug fixes they have been very minor.

I wouldn't be concerned if Zach deprecated as it all works now and worst case scenario we can fix any problems ourselves with it. The other advantage is that it is structured exactly the same as CI expect for you have multiple controller/view/model folders - very little of your core code would be wasted.

Figure out your caching architecture first.

check out this thread I wrote about some neat CMS stuff


[quote author="[CoDeR]" date="1204774506"]Use EE.[/quote]


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