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strange error: all text input fields mysteriously locked to keypresses

Hi everyone,

I'm getting a funny error that blocks me from typing into text input fields, and it's suddenly happening all over our site and i was hoping someone might have a suggestion. Strangely these pages were working fine a couple months ago. What's worse is it only happens in ie6 and what's worst of all is the error console says no errors are happening at all!

Here are some cases where we find this error:

1. In one page, selecting a date in a javascript calendar will lock all text input fields (by locked i mean, i can't type anything into the field, but it's possible to paste text in). No other fields are affected though: drop downs, check boxes and radios are fine.

2. In another the same thing happens after i submit a form within lytebox except i can't even paste text in.

3. And in one other page, the fields are disabled as soon as the lytebox loads.

Some other information that might be relevant is we're using scriptaculous and lytebox and a javascript calendar
Any suggestions at all would be very welcome!

thank you,

Sounds like something w/ your CSS and/or Javascript. I've had the same problem before with plugin apps like lightbox.

[quote author="mikeyhell" date="1204779982"]Sounds like something w/ your CSS and/or Javascript. I've had the same problem before with plugin apps like lightbox.[/quote]

Yup, i'm thinking there must be some conflict happening, but there's places where we use lightbox where the problem is happening, but then there's places where we're using the dynarch js calendar and no lightbox and we get similar errors, so i'm still confused. I'm going to give it a try with a different calendar though. :long:

That's the only issue w/ these apps like lightbox and other scripts. They are great and look good, but sometimes are coded in a way that conflicts with current apps. The only way to get around it is to edit the JS itself, which is a huge waste of time considering they're are so many option out there. I just finished an application that called lightbox quite often and I ended up using lytebox b/c something in the lightbox code was throwing the actionscript that the designers were doing off. Never figured out what it was b/c i'm not a java-script guru, but something was going on with it for sure.

Ugh i hear that. It's a frustrating, hair-pulling timesuck digging into the js in those apps. It's times like this my avatar sums up my mood perfectly.

yep, wish I was genius w/ java... it's so great but you have to be a badass with it to really get things done well. I recently turned to extjs b/c of it's documentation and ease of use. Best thing i've done to catch up w/ it.

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