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CodeIgniter as a mobile backend

Hello, everyone. I am new to CodeIgniter (and for that matter PHP), but I have experience in Node and mobile development, and had a few questions regarding CodeIgniter.

I was wondering how well CodeIgniter does for mobile backends. The reason I ask is because I recently saw an app builder that used CI to power the backend for native Android and iOS apps. Does anyone have any experience using CI for this purpose? Do you think it is a good fit?

Apart from that, I have a few general questions regarding the framework;

  1. Does CI work well on PHP7 or the HHVM?
  2. How active is  CodeIgniter development and the community?
  3. How does CI stack up against frameworks like Symphony and Laravel?

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Just a quick reply but...

1. Does CI work well on PHP7 or the HHVM?
Yes, I am using CodeIgniter on PHP7 and it's fast!

2. How active is CodeIgniter development
CodeIgniter is in active development version 3 (the current version) and new version 4 (not ready for production yet)

2. and the community
Look around this forum you will get a idea of responds time, how much people help others etc...

3. How does CI stack up against frameworks like Symphony and Laravel?
CodeIgniter is faster, CodeIgniter has less memory and CPU overhead and I feel is easier to learn. That said it doesn't use some of the "newer" design patterns and others will tell you "if your not using them then your doing it wrong" Which I personally "take with a grain of salt".

I'm not sure what your looking for in a mobile backend thou?

Just my 2 cents take it or leave it you mileage my vary....


If you have questions the answers on this forum are usually very good. Its also the best source for getting news about updates, etc. But you should also sign up for and use stackoverflow. There are many people posting and answering codeigniter questions. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/codeigniter

I am currently using Codeigniter and the REST Server lib (https://github.com/chriskacerguis/codeig...restserver) as a backend for an AngularJS app.

There seems to be no problem in speed whatsoever.

(And yes I know I could have used one of the REST specific frameworks - but I decided on CI)

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