Once again CodeIgniter helped me launch in less than 2 days!

I love codeigniter. I am NOT a php programmer but was able to build from scratch a small ecommerce site where it processes orders for "converting designs to html" service with all the options and process paypal and paypal ipn. Manage the order, and contact my designers to process the project! This is great!

oh btw, check out the site yourself.

So you went from not knowing how to program in PHP to creating a commerce website within 2 days? I don't believe that.

The site is nice though. Good work.

Yes, its true. I have only done php code one other time when I used codeigniter on my other site nocallerid.com.
I am a .net c# programmer.

ps. I had a lot of other browser windows open with references on them.

Nice work on the site - I love the design!

One thing I do worry about is how do you end up only having 2 days notice to complete a project :S

didn't have a deadline, just motivated to get it done quick!

[eluser]louis w[/eluser]
Good job.

You may want to give this a look in FF on Mac. There are some oddities with your tool tips.

Also its kind of confusing on your order form how all the "No" options are "Included".

[eluser]Josh Giese[/eluser]
http://www.doctyped.net/contact = 404

[eluser]John Fuller[/eluser]
The design appears to be inspired by Onwired. My biggest complaint on the layout of your site is that when I click on "order" all of the changes to the screen happen below the fold so I might not even notice that I have gone anywhere different. In fact, most of the pages are like this.

I could see how you could do this in two days though. The site is pretty simple. Looks like the client login is farmed out to another service. Membership management is always a pain so offloading it simplifies the application. As you pointed out, Paypal is very easy to work with.

[eluser]louis w[/eluser]
Also, 12 .js files is quite a lot. And the only real script action I see is the tool tips on the order form.

[quote author="John Fuller" date="1204837586"]The design appears to be inspired by Onwired.[/quote]

That's it! I knew I'd seen it somewhere before... thanks, John, that was driving me crazy!


Quote:I would recommend Doctyped for all of your xhtml templating needs. As far as I am concerned there is no contest compaired to them.

Seriously? If "Matthew Spare" isn't a native English speaker, wouldn't you want to clean up his testimonial a bit before posting? (Spell check helps, too.)

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