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Moving applications and system folder to Dropbox

New CI user here. I am developing a site using two different machines. I have XAMPP installed and running both at home (Win10) and at work (Mac OS X). I have installed CI on both systems. My goal is to move the system and application folders into Dropbox so that changes I make on one machine are available from the other. I have successfully done this on the PC, but I am having problems configuring the local CI index.php on the Mac.

On the Mac, CI is installed at /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/codeigniter. I can access it from http://localhost/codeigniter, and it works fine when I reference the locally installed system and application folders:
PHP Code:
$system_path 'system';
$application_folder 'application'

However, I get an error message telling me to properly configure index.php when I reference the Dropbox-based folders:
PHP Code:
$system_path '//Macintosh HD/Users/lonr8x/Dropbox/ccc/codeigniter/system';
$application_folder '//Macintosh HD/Users/lonr8x/Dropbox/ccc/codeigniter/application'
On the Win10 machine I successfully used relative references (e.g. "../../Users/Dropbox/etc.") These have not worked on the Mac. Since I know CI is able to do this from the Win10 machine, I am sure that the problem is either with my directory referencing or the folder permissions.

I would appreciate any insight.

Hi you don't need config variables like that.

In MacOSx you just use command in document root web folder:

ln -s path_to_system_folder_in_Dropbox system
ln -s path_to_application_folder_in_Dropbox application

In Windows I never tried before because I don't use WIndows Big Grin But I think you do the same via create short cut in Windows

It is really easy if you use Linux Big Grin

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