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syntax error in CodeIgniter.php ?

So I just installed the newest version of CodeIgniter (3.2.1) and I basically can't get past the first exercise in the tutorial because there is an error in code (CodeIgniter.php) that I haven't even dealt with yet.  I  don't think I did anything wrong with the installation steps, they were fairly easy and everything seems to make sense.  When I try to view the page that I created from the tutorial I just get this error.       Line 59 in CodeIgniter.php is just code that came with the version so I am wondering if this is just a mistake because 3.2.1 is so new.       If this question has already been answered I apologize but I could not find anything in the forums about this.  Any information about getting past this error would be greatly appreciated.  I would just like to get past this and learn everything about Code Igniter that I can!


There's no CI 3.2.1 yet.

But that error means you're running PHP 5.2 or lower, which we no longer support.

Thanks a lot Narf. I thought that this might be the issue but wasn't completely sure. Also, YES there is no 3.2.1 I'm using 3.1.2 but you know what I meant....

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