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Opinions on anti-spam method

For a site we just recently started I have decided to implement a nice little method to (hopefully) stop our email being picked up by spammers. See below link for the example:

Wheelsr Contact Form

Simply put, you click on a link and via ajax it gets the email address and places it in the position you just clicked on.

The thoughts of this is that spammers scripts won't get the email as you would need javascript working plus have to actually 'click' on the link to get the email address.

Yes I know there are people out there not using JS and I am a big believer in usability but I believe in this instance that there is such a small percentile out there without JS on that this will truly affect. That and this IMO is better then having the email address as an image which does make it hard for those without a text reader to use.

What are peoples opinions on this as I plan to release this method as a library along with the captcha method we have built for it as well.

If you want to make it a little more accessible for screen readers, you might want to put a title attribute in the link tag (because 'Click here' with a screen reader is pretty much meaningless). Either that or make the whole link 'Click here to see our email address.'

Just my .02 Smile


Nice suggestion there - ill be certain to add that in there.

Any more opinions?

[eluser]Elliot Haughin[/eluser]
I'm just about finished on an Akismet CI Library, which should filter out a huge amount of spam... it works great on my blog. I'll post it as soon as I'm done.


Great work Elliot - I have always liked Akismet for my own personal blog as well, the only shame is for commercial usuage you have to pay quite a few cookies from memory Sad

[eluser]Rick Jolly[/eluser]
I've found this interesting:http://www.snook.ca/archives/other/effec...m_blocker/

Jonathan Snook wrote his own spam filter. He uses a points system like Movable Type. His script analyzes every comment and adds or takes away points based on preset criteria. In the end, if a comment doesn't have enough points, it's canned.

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