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releasing to production

Hey guys,

Our company is coming close to its first production relase. We were wondering how you handle your 'Production Releases' with CI? (ie. put up a splash page, change .htaccess to point to it, then upload newest code and change the .htaccess back to original)

We are stuck and don't know how to do this. What we're currently visualizing is the following (a little lengthy) :
1) replace default controller to be 'release_in_progress_splash_page', and change .htaccess to redirect all urls to index.php (which will load the default controller)
2) delete old files on production, and upload all new files to production site
3) change the .htaccess back to normal(site back to normal)

This kind of seems a little weird to me because we are going to be deleting old files and uploading new files, and there will be a small time span where a user may get a 'Page cannot be displayed'.

A current world example we are trying to achieve is when 'YouTube' was releasing their newest version of code they had a simple Splash Page saying 'We are testing something in the lab'....Once their release was finished they had their regular site back up without a glitch......we would like to achieve this same example.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

[eluser]Code Arachn!d[/eluser]
Well you have some great ideas - any reason not to just push the CI application up - if you're replacing the index.php page - just rename the ci one to be something different for the time being... - once everything is in place - just rename it to be index.php again and upload your .htaccess file... then take your time removing the old pages...

Thanks for the quick reply, and very good idea.

I just tried your recommendation and it appears that when you rename the index.php to blah, Apache serves up an 'Apache HTTP Server Test Page'. This is exactly what we want. We just want to modify this 'test page' to say 'We are currently releasing source code' and I think that will be our solution.

Looks like we gotta do some reading on the apache httpd.conf file so we can find which file we need to modify.

Also, the reason we don't want to just push it is because it is an automated process, and we do not want to delete files manually as you mentioned (lazy Smile)

I assume all your changes were in system/application directory and that your hosting is Unix based. In that case I would rename the old application directory to say app_1.0 and create a symbolic link to it from the system directory by typing:

ln -s app_1.0 application

Next, create a new directory app_2.0. By recreating the symbolic link to the new directory you're flipping the switch. You get the benefit of keeping all your old files if you want to roll back.

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