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CI 3.1 for Website Building Platform


Preface: Please do not shoot down my idea by telling me how hard it is. I know Smile

Question: Is CI 3.1 a good framework for developing a very simple site building tool where users can login, create a small website via a drag and drop interface, and publish it on a subdomain?

  • What would you use for the Drag and Drop functionality, jQuery and AJAX?
  • Would MySQL be a good option for this platform? I assume each user will need a separate DB Smile


"... very simple site building tool ..."

- Are you sure that it would be very simple?

"What would you use for the Drag and Drop functionality, jQuery and AJAX?"

- I use Drag and Drop for sorting table items using jQuery UI and AJAX. But for other cases I don't know. If the site is quite UI-interaction intense, then maybe a whole front-end JavaScript framework should be adopted, I don't know.

"... I assume each user will need a separate DB "

- No.

I don't think the PHP side of this will be the problem parts. CI will be fine for that.
The JS framework is more important and will consume way more of your time, so I'd focus on that.
Like others have said, you have a singular database (mySQL is widely supported and very good).

Keep in mind since Oracle bought MySQL they've not done much with it and in fact 5.7 was supposed to have many more features than it did. (I skimmed the news, so I have little details about it).

From what I've read, many (most?) hosting providers will be going to MariaDB, which is from the folks who originally built MySQL and accepts all the same commands. If all of this is true, MySQL support will drop significantly (it'll still be around for a long time though) from the hosting provider standpoint.

To your questions, there's different ways to do the database. You can create a database for each website or use the database prefix in a single database... What you'll need to worry about more than that, is if you get a few websites with serious traffic you'll be in trouble if the database can't keep up.

I agree with the advice above, you'll need to worry much more on the JS things. CI is pretty great for building ajax requests.

Thanks all.

Are jQuery/jQuery good options? I know jQuery very well, not many others though...



I would say, start with classics, let CodeIgniter render the pages and use jQuery UI and AJAX for the front-end interactions. The field of JavaScript frameworks seems to be dynamic at the moment, making a choice is hard. In the future, if you decide to make refactoring, you may choose a JavaScript framework that offers progressive enhancement, so you would be able to upgrade your project gradually.

I think, it is safe you to start with these technologies that you are familiar with. Better focus on making your application concept to work, technicality could be postponed.

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