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How to Get Banned

Forum moderators have the ability to edit, not approve, or delete inappropriate posts, or to move posts to the appropriate subforum. In extreme cases, we will ban or purge inappropriate members. If this happens to you, and you don't think the action was fair, send the admin an email explaining your position.

We want this to be a helpful and respectful meeting place for the CodeIgniter community. Not everyone seems to get that, and we have to take corrective measures contiunuously. Sadly, there are a number of repeat "offenders", so I thought I would share some tips.

How can I get my post(s) edited, not approved, or even deleted?
  • Duplicate posts - posting the same thing in more than one subforum, in the hope of getting a response sooner
  • Flooding - posting the same thing multiple times, in the same or different subforums
  • Non-English posts - this is an English-only board, except for the regional subforums; the moderators are not necessarily fluent in other languages, making it harder to determine if such posts are legitimate
  • SEO spam - promoting your non-related business, in your name, signature, bio, website or posts is not cool; examples that will trigger purging: coupon sites, travel sites, real estate, legal or professional services
  • Inappropriate topics - the conventional taboo subjects apply: sex, religion & politics; there are any number of other forums you can use to spread or argue your position, just not here
  • Off topic posts - posting meaningless answers in ancient threads is interpreted as SEO spam
  • Offensive or harassing attitude or language - being disrepectful is not acceptable
  • Thread hijacking - asking unrelated questions in a thread response

How can I get myself banned or purged from the forum?
  • Repeated inappropriate posts (see above)
  • Blatant SEO spam - we have zero tolerance
  • Overly offensive posts - we have zero tolerance
  • Promoting illegal activities - we have zero tolerance
There are undoubtedly some gray areas. For instance, if you have an unrelated business or project that was built with CodeIgniter, it would be appropriate to post a thread in the "spotlight" subforum, explaining the use of or connection to CodeIgniter. Simply linking to the unrelated site, as explained above, will result in corrective measures by the moderators.
James Parry
Project Lead

Who has been banned & why? I will update this post with a list of them...

2017.01.02 HaturnO75 - promoting motor supply cables
2017.01.03 Sebastian222 - flogging viagra
2017.01.04 seoquangngai - selling air conditioners
2017.01.05 ninatorres - moderated posts because promoting resume writing service
2017.01.06 DarkGhost - virus link (binary) as website
2017.01.06 yawalex - flogging cellphones & batteries
2017.01.06 Taniaak - deserted trucks? email list for sale
2017.01.06 Arlettahilliams - research paper writing
2017.01.07 rikpons - promoting coupons
2017.01.07 doc2anderson - metal kennel parts & dining room table legs (yes, dog kennel parts)
2017.01.08 john2ovr - flogging mens suits online
2017.01.08 Palmasa - degress & other "official" stuff!
2017.01.08 Taniaak - selling email list Sad
2017.01.08 andy128 - flogging coupons
2017.01.08 manishkumar - education loans
2017.01.09 andy128 - flogging coupons (yes, again)
2017.01.16 Alexjohn - holiday tour agency
2017.01.16 andy128 - flogging coupons (third time lucky?)
2017.01.16 trangnguyen14216 - yet another coupon flogger

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