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[Solved] Printed config value log_file_permissions equal to 420?


when I run the code below the output is 420, while my permissions are 0644 in config.php.

PHP Code:
print $this->config->item('log_file_permissions'); 

I looked through the code but can't get to understand how this works.

Context: I'm creating an ini file to save my config settings there and I just encountered this. When I change to 0700 for example it outputs 448. I need to save it as 0644. I'm convinced there's just something I don't know about or understand.

Thank you

The leading 0 causes PHP to interpret the value as an octal number.
0700 octal is 448 decimal
0644 octal is 420 decimal

0644 is simply written using octal notation.
420 is the same value, only presented as decimal.

It doesn't matter which one you write, unless you're saving it as a string (which would be wrong to begin with).


Great thanks, I used decoct() to make it visually correct.

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