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Some help..

Yes it is the base... all works if i access http://localhost/site/main/lists.html it is loaded.. but if i access /site/lists.html .. return 404

my index.php is removed from .htaccess ...

Where you from btw xwero, we always seem to be on the forum at the same time, when no-one else is Smile

On the other side of the canal Smile

$route['([a-z]+)'] = 'main/$1';
if that doesn't work i eat my hat Smile

What??? Other side of the canal??

Back on topic:
If that doesn't work then I don't know what's going on.

yes that works Smile So don`t eat your hat Tongue Than for helping! :X Tongue

I don`t know why your top post wasn`t working.. :|

So it all works now?

It routes when an $id isn't given and when one is given to main/lists???

Channel, the Nord sea Channel. In Belgium. I really should wake up.

class Blog extends Controller {
    function __construct()
    function index()
        echo 'xxxxxx';

Now, i created another controler than main.php, it is caled blog.php and i have that code.Why when i access http://localhost/site/blog.html doesn`t load it? :| It is problem from that route .. ?


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