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Which browser do you guys recommend?

I have all 3 it's good to have them for testing.
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Firefox for personal use and development. Chrome only for testing - Google is evil.

I suggest chrome. I am using chrome on daily basis. it's user friendly browser..
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When it comes to user friendliness I would recommend Chrome. It just does it's job pretty well. I also heard Vivaldi is pretty great if you want to be more programming foreward, but I have never used it before. Maybe someone knows more.

I always use Chrome for work; for private usage, I installed Slimjet (it's Chrome's product also). But now I look for another variants just because I'm curious how other not very popular browsers work

Firefox Developer Edition!
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I've been using Google Chrome for a longer period of time. Going well so far. What about you?

You can use Chrome for testing purposes, as it allows a wide variety of inspecting tools to experiment upon, Firefox can be used for general purposes. Many plugins are available for chrome that allows user to test easily.

In recent years, Google Chrome has been the browser of choice for many. But at a time when online ads seem to follow us everywhere and data breaches are a fixture of news headlines, a lot of people are starting to demand more privacy and respect from their browser. I use Firefox because Firefox is the most private browser that doesn’t lock you into an ecosystem. Use it on any operating system, on all your devices, and feel secure when you do.

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