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Migration 2.2.x to 3.1.4 OR waiting 4.x


I am building 2 apps that are used by company and they were all based on 2.2.x.  I am still on the process of 
migrating to 3.1.4.  However my question is that if it is worthy to migrate to 3.1.4 and if it is then how long
3.1.4 will come to end of support ?

My concern is that CI 4.0 will change a lot versus Ci 3.x as far as I know.

Please advise!

Many thanks

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Hi, I am no authority on the topic and perhaps one of the CI team will have time to answer too, but it is my understanding that security and bug fixes will be released for some time to come (at least a year, perhaps two) for CI3 after the release of CI4. However CI4 has no fixed date for launch but my best guess is early/mid 2018. But no date has been announced because the time it takes to finish is highly dependent on volunteers and how much time they can devote to it. CI3 is very, very good. It is proving incredibly stable, very fast, and full of all the CI features we have all come to love and rely on.

So my suggestion would be to upgrade to CI3, now, and when CI4 launches, and you have had time to look at it and play with it and explore it, you may or may not want to immediately upgrade again. CI4 will be significantly different from CI3 I have heard, so where an upgrade from CI2 to CI3 should be very straight forward, the change to CI4 may involve considerable changes to the code and structure.

However, I have many sites on CI3 and many of them will stay on CI3 for years to come. Staying on CI2 waiting for CI4 is not a great idea IMHO as CI3 has had so many security patches and fixes and bug fixes, that upgrading from 2 to 3 should be done as a matter of some urgency. CI2 had some serious problems.

Best wishes,


Hi Paul

Thanks for the answer. Yeah, sound like I need to complete migration to 3.1.4


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