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Delete one cache file with cache driver

I can delete one cache file by

PHP Code:

But why this two doesn't work?

PHP Code:
 if ( 
$this->cache->delete('dfgdfg') ) echo 1


PHP Code:
 if ( 
$this->cache->file->delete('dfgdfg') ) echo 1

first one (cache->delete) returns nothing in echo
Second one (cache-file->delete) returns 1 - success? but nothing gets delete, and refreshing page and success success success... but nothing deletes.

$this->cache->file->clean(); works for me
But $this->cache->file->delete doens't, $this->cache->delete doesn't work too.


Without seeing your cache configuration we can't tell you anything

I do not have any cache configuration. Just `$this->output->cache(3600);` in controller's constructor

And there is your answer.

PHP Code:
is for web page caching

See the docs

You are referring to a cache driver which is not used when calling

So calling
PHP Code:
won't have any effect on a cached web page

A cache driver is used for caching partial views, or other types of data.
But when using web page caching, all other view caching is obsolete as CodeIgniter will exit execution when a valid cache output is found.

Thank you Smile Now I understand

(07-07-2017, 05:15 AM)krystian2160 Wrote: Thank you Smile Now I understand

You are welcome Smile

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