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Sitebuilder with Codeigniter

Previous year I build a sitebuilder with Codeigniter.  
I recorded a screencast for those who what to have a basic visual idea about it.

After 10 months there is a proof of concept which has all the basic functionalities.
The problem is that I'm a designer and not a coder.  But although I managed to learn CodeIgniter, setup a VPS, grunt, sass, Cpanel cronjobs etc). But I'm not confident with the results. 

At the moment I don't know how to develop this Frankenstein of code to a lean Cinderella.
Ofcourse I could find some investors, hire people, but honestly the whole idea of this tool is not about profit, 
There is no clear business plan, there is no sign of earning money yet with this project.
I just started, and developed, learned and designed with one (big) testcase,

The problem is: 
The coders I asked to join are all busy earning big money, or they hate sitebuilders, or the find the project to big to contribute.
I think there are lot's of USP's I designed within the tool, and a focusgroup of designers are enthousiast (except for the bugs). So there is enough motivation for me to continue, but how?!  Confused

Any advice is welcome.

Hi ponzo,
I understand the predicament you are in. I've personally worked with several startups that ran into this problem. A large; possibly unorganized code base, no seed money, and an almost 100% turnover rate of contributors. I can also understand wanting to continue you vision and direction for the project. I have a few suggestions in regards to keeping your project alive and moving forward. You will have to weight the pros and cons

# - Open source your codebase
# - Get some seed money to pay for dedicated programmers
# - Build a business plan
# - Determine what sets you apart from the mass availability of existing CMS(es) out there

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