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Desingn trends 2017

What do you think about web design trends this year? Where is the industry moving? I read some great articles on this topic:
*broken link*, Link2, *broken link*. 
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I don't know if it is just the types of websites I use, but personally, I think sites break down into two distinct groups. Designed and not designed.

The designed group are made for impact, beauty, animation, stunning info graphics and playful use of interactions and novel use of modern browser features. Seamless video integration into backgrounds and other sometimes truly inspiring uses of the technology.

But most fall into the second group. Almost anti-design, where the lack of design or clutter is the design. Almost a design free design. Using subtle colour variations to denote backgrounds and frames, with bold buttons and minimalist approaches. CI forums fall into that group, and so do most online shops, media sharing sites or web apps. It is almost as if the absence of design entirely is the end goal.

Now personally I like both. Of course the anti-design group is designed in other ways, for usability, clarity and clean interfaces. The designed group for making an impression like 'look what we can do'.

Anti-design is winning though and will continue to dominate IMHO. Design is hard, it is restrictive in that the 50% of people that love it will also have 50% of people that hate it. Whereas anti design is acceptable to everyone.

I think the future of the web for 2018 is plainer, simpler sites that are easier to use on any device, and clear about their intentions or your supposed path through them. This is in part driven by there being fewer and fewer bespoke sites and more and more built with frameworks like wordpress and shopify et al. It is also cheaper, easier and quicker to adopt anti-design whereas design requires upfront decisions and an understanding of who your target audience actually is, what they want and what they like.

I see, unfortunately, less of a role for the highly skilled creatives in our industry, as sites lean more and more on functional development that does not rely on anything not accessible to every possible device. ie. default functionality present in every browser.

I think this is sad, but the logic of it is undeniable. Perhaps when enough sites all begin to look identical, there will be a resurgence of design and perhaps is will cycle onwards repeating itself every five to seven years.


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