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Why I chose CodeIgniter <= 3

For me, CI is about building Web Applications.

Wordpress is for building websites.

CI is aimed at developers, while Wordpress is aimed at non technical folks that need a site up quickly.

CI is light and oh-so-very fast. 

Wordpress is slow and once you have a few plugins - a security nightmare (the plugins are the problem here - update your plugins people!)

(10-04-2017, 01:25 PM)HEKuiper Wrote:
(10-04-2017, 06:23 AM)Kaosweaver Wrote: Why would they compete with the most popular blog framework?  
8< snip...

I guess I come from a different culture.  Where I grew up I was taught that you challenge the winners - not the wannabes. 

In addition to playing baseball, I also played American football (played with the hands).

The only 'winner' in the world of PHP frameworks just happens to be WordPress. 


sigh, see this is just being confrontational for no reason.

I also grew up to challenge the winners, when I was playing football and we won the championship, we didn't then go off and say "hey, lets challenge the hockey championship team" - we continue to play and win as a football team. Challenge the other teams in our sport, we didn't think "hey we're good at football, so we must also be best at soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, MMA, weightlifting, track and field and so on". At best anyone who tries to do everything will be mediocre or worse at a bunch of things.

Codeigniter is a PHP lightweight framework designed for flexibility and not an application. Wordpress is an application.

And the "winner" in applications is Magento. Wordpress isn't something anyone should desire to aspire to.

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