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Tutorial - encoding issue


I'm new to CodeIgniter and I did the tutorial part about creating a news application.
I got an issue at the end with the slug encoding.
If I wrote words with accents (ex: é à è), accents are replaced with ??? in my slug field in my database whereas they are displayed correctly in others fields (title and text). I looked at url_title but there isn't an encode param.

[Image: 1508848542-issue.jpg]

In application/config/database.php, char_set is utf8 and dbcollat is utf8_general_ci

Thanks for help Smile

I think this line is the cause: https://github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter/b...r.php#L508

I think ivantcholakov is right. A quick look at php.net suggests this:

PHP Code:
$lower_case_str mb_strtolower($str, 'UTF-8'); 


Although there are some other functions in the strtolower user notes like this:

PHP Code:
function strtolower_utf8($inputString) {
    $outputString    utf8_decode($inputString);
    $outputString    strtolower($outputString);
    $outputString    utf8_encode($outputString);
    return $outputString;


Personally I'm using the convert_accented_characters before using the string with url_title. So that you get e a e instead of é à è for cleaner URLs. The previous posts are correct, strtolower aren't UTF-8 safe.

You can add this into application/helpers/url_helper.php, i have replaced it for you.

@PaulD: Your second quote will replace all illegal characters (in ISO-8859-1) with ?, so that's not recommended in my opinion.

Just took a quick look at CI 2.2.6 and compared it with 3.1.6. In the old version all illegal characters where removed but they are now kept. And now it generates illegal URLs, in my opinion.

PHP Code:
$trans = array(
'&.+?;'                 => '',
'[^a-z0-9 _-]'          => '',
'\s+'                   => $separator,
'('.$q_separator.')+'   => $separator

PHP Code:
$trans = array(
'&.+?;'                  => '',
'[^\w\d _-]'             => '',
'\s+'                    => $separator,
'('.$q_separator.')+'    => $separator


This is referenced here:

Personally, i think it should be changed back into, if everything else than a-z are considered illegal. Any thoughts on this?
PHP Code:
'[^a-z0-9 _-]'          => ''


thanks for your replies.
I will use convert_accented_characters before using url_title to have cleaner urls without accents.

Read this article on supporting the full Unicode character set.

How to support full Unicode in MySQL databases
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