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How i can executed my controller in the url


i have choosing today the way to coding with CodeIgniter. So i'm a newbie in frameworks, but the framework looks not so hard. I have tried the first Tutorial "static page". Now if i want to call the site in the url i get everytime the error, that this site doesn't exist. I don't know why this is. 

A url looks after the tutorialsite so : /[controller-method]/[arguments]http://example.com/[controller-class]/[controller-method]/[arguments]

I executed all at xampp local. And if i executed it like this i get everytime the error.

My Path to the framework folder is this :http://localhost/php/frameworks/codeigniter/
Now if i want to executing my controller with the method the url must be like this: http://localhost/php/frameworks/codeigniter/pages/view

But if i load this url i get everytime the error, that this object can't get found.

The Code is:

PHP Code:

class Pages extends CI_Controller{

    public function 
view($page 'header'){

// APPPATH = application folder

if(!file_exists(APPPATH "views/templates/" $page ".php")){
show_404(); // ->shows 404 error site

$data = [];

$data["title"] = ucfirst($page); // ucfirst sorgt dafür das der erste buchstabe ein Großbuchstabe ist

        //seite laden/aufrufen


My 2 view-datas looks so:

PHP Code:
<!DOCTYPE html>
title><? echo $title?></title>
            <p>Titel dieser Seite lautet <? echo $title?></p> 

PHP Code:
        <p>copyright @stef</p>


Hope you can help me.


I have solved id. The problem was the missing routes.

Did you setup your base_url in the config.php file?
Did you setup your routes in the routes.php file?
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

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