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Using Community Auth on Existing Project

Hello Everyone,

Please I need your help. I want to use Community Auth, especially the ACL features, on an existing project,

1) I am having problems "merging" the existing database with the project database, can I get a lead?>

2) How do I remove/replace existing  functions with Community Auth library?

Please HELP!

You're going to have to explain yourself better, and show any related code. Keep in mind, Community Auth doesn't change how you work with CodeIgniter, and it's unlikely that you have functions that are named like the ones Community Auth has.

Codeigniter doesn't come with native login system, so the script you purchased is already using a third party package/plugin.

Look for login script code in the following locations : Models, Libraries. The controller is where you control everything, so you can have a look at that later, first you need to determine which files are being used as the core of login functionalities. Once you have determined, you can look at the code and understand how they are handling user groups/ previlages etc.

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