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CodeIgniter vs Kohana: which one to choose?

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
I see what you're saying Louis.

I'm not sure what versions of IE you have people using when visiting, but I'm still seeing a lot of 6 and 7. Every stat source I've seen has said that IE 6 is still more popular then IE 7, and remains the most popular browser used today. Other stats would seem to back that up, so I'd argue that IE (certainly 6, and in a lot of ways 7) is both antiquated, and dominant in the market. This is the same position PHP4 has.

I don't like PHP4. I hate developing for it, and it annoys me deeply that it is as popular as it is, but the fact of the matter is that it IS dominant, and one of the main goals of CI is to work in as broad a userbase as possible.


Anyhow, I've thread-jacked this post, and I'm sorry. I don't want to close the thread, as that would be me "getting in the last word" and then closing, which would be pretty unfair of me, so I won't. But I don't want to use this thread to further argue the merits of CI supporting PHP4, so I won't continue this here.

I tried several frameworks, which I could not get to work, were overly complex, had poor documentation, or were not designed with shared hosting environments in mind. I am thankful that CI was a platform I could actually install, run and develop on.

I value support and community very highly. I also value good documentation. A large library of modules that make sense, work together and are maintained by good authors is also important, like perl's CPAN. If I had gotten Catalyst to work on my shared host, I might have gone with that framework. It was also then in a state of constant change early in its development and I'm not very good at coping with that. But for a PHP framework, CI was simple, stable, flexible and had good documentation. It has some failings, but thankfully I have been able to keep things simple and work around them.

Sadly, I also see that IE 6 retains a lead on IE 7. I rub my eyes and the numbers still don't change. Years go by. Soon we'll be serving three lines of conditional IE comments on every page. But it's hardly popularity in the sense of choice. The state of these stats is, imo, due to a lot of locked-down business versions of XP skipping the grand new Vista. Microsoft should create another pop-up in the new XP SP that says: "You are running an older version of IE known to have driven people insane. Your version is considered a human rights violation. Would you like to upgrade?"

imho, both are good frameworks. CI is lightweight, fast and has an active community. kohanaPHP on the other hand, has more 'magic' features because it utilizes php5's capabilities.

good luck into your framework shopping buddy.

messy thread it is Smile

I love CI because it's easy, fast and has a great community. Those are reasons enough for me. At the end of the day, i just need to get my work done and move on to the next project. The client's not really going to see whether my site is fully OO, etc, they'll just want to see results. Maybe if you're developing a huge commerce site then that's the time i'll start exploring the limitations of CI.

Good luck with your framework shopping Smile

[eluser]Ebot Ndip-Agbor[/eluser]
The CI community among other factors(already mentioned above) makes CI my php framework of choice. I have looked at Kohana, and I like the strict php5 support, integrated modular separation and ORM. For now CI satisfies my needs, if I need other functionalities('magic features') in the future I will then try Kohana or any other framework out there. :-)

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
For my 2cts, I tried Kohana for 2 months, but I was never happy with it.

Why I say this ?
I believe that the code in Kohana is really superior as CI is and more modern (PHP5, modular inside, great libs around it, ...) But that is not enough to make a good framework.

First of all, I see that the community around it is small, very small I can say and in case of problem we don't have a strong support as we have with the CI's forums. We can say it's because Kohana is young, but I believe that is will stay all the time like that and grow only a few comparing to CI. The main reason is that they code, they code and they code, but never they are thinking about their community and build nice tutorials, forum culture, news on the website, ... I have felt that it's like they are closed to newbies and that really discourage me.

I was chocked too about some developments decisions that they have made and that make absolutely un-compatible the applications between a 2.0 release and a 2.1 release ! (and next like they decided to remove the load object when $this->load won't work in the next release...) They are acting really like they are living day to days without a real road map of what they are doing, and really that is not possible for me while I need a tool that help me, not a tool that I must adapt my libs and coding style at each release of the framework.

I must say that I am using a framework professionally, and the only thing that I am interesting in, is that my job is done, and done quickly. CI allows me this and I am very happy with it. When Kohana born I was interested because "something was moving around CI". So I tried Kohana. But I see after 2 months that my job was not done with it, because they have a very poor documentation, tutorials that almost don't work, and if we need something, we must post to forums and wait or connect to IRC. With CI I open the user guide, and 99% of my answers are there, then my job is done, and then my goal is reached.

I conclude that Kohana could be a great thing, but they really have to change their mentality and be a little bit more open to newbies and community to success, otherwise they will have a framework that will be good only for the people that like to dive into their code to understand it...

No offence about that I said, that's just my opinion and I tried to explain why I tried Kohana and come back to the nice stability and awesome community that CI offers to me.

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Thanks all for your feedback. I think the poster has his answer, and so I'm closing this thread.

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