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Migration from Wordpress to CodeIgniter

Hello everyone,

I am the webmaster of some websites (most of them are mine and some are client's projects) running mostly on Wordpress and Joomla.

I am quite frustrated with continuous and time consuming Wordpress updates and the security issues regarding both wordpress and joomla websites.   Two of my websites were already hit by hackers, although I use only paid themes and plugins and never install any cracked software, in the wordpress case due to outdated plugins, and in the Joomla case due to Joomla's built-in lack of strong security.

I plan to switch the websites to other platforms, and I am currently looking at CodeIgniter and Drupal.  Since Drupal is in the same category as wordpress and joomla, I would surely prefer a platform like CodeIgniter for the platform switch.

So I come here to ask a few questions before migrating:

1. Is CodeIgniter a really strong platform regarding security?
2. Do I have to update any themes, or plugins or whatever every now and then like I do in Wordpress ?
3. Is there a plugin or any way to migrate the existing websites to CodeIgniter without paying a fortune or getting a master degree in computing?
4. Can this migration be done in a SEO friendly way without loosing my current google rankings?

Thank you very much in advance for your time and patience.

Do you understand that CodeIgniter (CI) is not a Content Management System (CMS)?

There are a few content management systems built with CI and there are many online examples on how to use CI to create a CMS. (Hint: Google "codeigniter cms")

CI is a great framework for building websites/apps but it offers no built-in content management like that provided by Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal.

If you have enough free time and skills you can create your own CMS and just adopt it for your sites. If sites is typical this will be not a problem. My own sites without any CMS, just nice front-end and language files in back-end :-).

No, I did not.
To be honest I thought it was a CMS like the ones we mentioned.
And building my own CMS from scratch doesn't sound good at the moment.

Building static websites with a developer framework (now I understand what this means) doesn't sound good too. There are a lot of tools to build static sites like mobirise (which by the way is very nice).

Anyway, thank you very much for your time.

1. Add MY_url_helper.php to CI_directory/application/helpers

2. If the CI app is already built, convert any references to *site_url* in your CI application (aside from the system directory) to the new namespaced function, ci_site_url.
This step prevents Wordpress' site_url function from overwriting CIs. Because both functions are global and CI checks to make sure that site_url has not been set. Once we load the WP bootstrap file, it will have been defined, so CI's function wll never load.

3. Add Wordpress' bootstrap file into CI_directory/index.php right above CI's bootstrap file.

4. Update wp-includes/load.php *(this is necessary if you are using CI's sessions - Wordpress mangles CI's cookies using with magic quotes.

I must admit I do an awful lot of work with WordPress. Like most software it's a bloated mess in places with lots of inconsistencies, although pretty easy to work with once you understand it.

From experience the main issue most people seem to have is that they install two dozen third-party plugins and then wonder why everything goes wrong or why they got hacked. We build some pretty nice websites with WordPress and never use more than 2-3 third-party plugins.

For run of the mill content management I would personally stick with WordPress. I'd only use CodeIgniter if I had either some very specialist requirements, or very basic CMS requirements. For anything in-between I don't see the point in re-inventing the wheel. That's not a criticism of CodeIgniter. For me, WordPress is a CMS (or a CMS framework, depending on your point of view and what you're doing), whereas CodeIgniter is a framework to build something from the ground up. But re-building WordPress from the ground up probably isn't a viable use of anyone's time.

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