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Save textarea content and output it as html left align?

Hi guys,

I have this textarea form field.
Now when I save it and output the content texts.
It doesn't left align.

How to left align?
I knew this before I just forgot.
Thanks in advance.

Below are the samples codes that output the content of the textarea
from MySQL database.

The $var['description'] is the variable that holds the textarea content/texts.

            foreach ( $output_rec as $var ) {
                        echo '<b>';
                    echo "<br>", $var['id'], "\t", $var['appsite'];
                        echo '</b>';
                        echo "<br>",  $var['description'];
                        echo '<br><br><hr>';

PHP Code:
   foreach $output_rec as $var ) {
                       echo '<b>';
                       echo "<br>"$var['id']. "\t"$var['appsite'];
                       echo '</b>';
                       echo "<br><div style='text-align:left;'>".$var['description']."</div>";
                       echo '<br><br><hr>';

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