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config log_threshold, log_path, et al ill not work if set from assign_to_config

Hi guys,

Instead of editing config/config.php, I used $assign_to_config instead so that I will not have to touch what's inside config/config.php

But I noticed that the following will not work if set from $assign_to_config:

PHP Code:

This is due to the fact that load_class itself uses log_message which will use the config inside config/config.php because $assign_to_config has not been added to $config during it's first init.

The $assign_to_config array eventually get copied to the $config but log_message will not be able to use it anymore .

My workaround was to edit directly Codeigniter.php and insert the array right after the subclass_prefix

PHP Code:
 * ------------------------------------------------------
 *  Set the subclass_prefix
 * ------------------------------------------------------
 * Normally the "subclass_prefix" is set in the config file.
 * The subclass prefix allows CI to know if a core class is
 * being extended via a library in the local application
 * "libraries" folder. Since CI allows config items to be
 * overridden via data set in the main index.php file,
 * before proceeding we need to know if a subclass_prefix
 * override exists. If so, we will set this value now,
 * before any classes are loaded
 * Note: Since the config file data is cached it doesn't
 * hurt to load it here.
if ( ! empty($assign_to_config['subclass_prefix']))
   get_config(array('subclass_prefix' => $assign_to_config['subclass_prefix']));

// -- log temporary workaround --
if ( ! empty($assign_to_config['log_threshold']))
   get_config(array('log_threshold' => $assign_to_config['log_threshold']));
if ( ! empty(
   get_config(array('log_path' => $assign_to_config['log_path']));
if ( ! empty(
   get_config(array('log_date_format' => $assign_to_config['log_date_format']));
// -- 

I'm just a newbie to CodeIgniter and there might be a better solution to fix this and would love to hear your suggestions.

CI v3.1.9

Thanks a lot.

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