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Why Codeigniter is better than laravel?

CodeIgniter is tried by several thousand of developers that utilization it underway. This implies it's hard for any bugs or problems to go unnoticed. Even when another variant is out, bugs are rapidly found and patched up.

(08-01-2018, 07:55 AM)avcosh Wrote: Hello, everybody!
Why Codeigniter is better than laravel?
Your opinion?

Hi!, I've seen this question many times and the appropriate response is not easy because every individual will give you his opinion based on his experience. Answer is completely depends on your business requirements.
Here I want to say something over CodeIgniter. Compared to other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is well-known for its speed. CodeIgniter Supports plenty of databases than Laravel. For an example CodeIgniter is more effective if you are having an Oracle or MSSQL Server Database (But latest version Laravel support MSSQL Server as well). There are many other databases as well.

I like CodeIgniter, it is very Simple, and extensible. No SPaghety code or non-usable library/helpers. choose what you need, and web app will run more faster. Think than PHP is read code line by line if our code is very huge and a lot of spaghety code, our web app will decrease its performance. Also, think about web Server choice, are you using Apache? apache in windows or linux? or Nginx? for surprising Apache on Linux more faster than apache in windows, only apache Longue on windows have almost same speed than apache in linux. But how about NGINX? nginx for PHP is more slowly than static web contents. So if you use apache or nginx, it will affect your web app performance. Only CI that have what only needed, without waste in vain codes.

Thank you for replies!
I use Apache Linux

After doing my homework and looking at Laravel and CI. CI Came on top for me as its less complicated to get going. Laravel seems to just be complicated for complicated sake and really adds very little apart from having a learning curve of a brick wall. Combine that with the CI anything goes attitude its great (Even if it throws some curve balls at you coz of it!)

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