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native CI sessiosn problem

I really need some help and would love to get some basic advice. I am using the native CI_sessions, but am running into an odd problem. I have posted several times but have had no response, so any response at all is good.

Basically, when someone logs in, I give them the off the shelf ci_session cookie, nothing special, set to expire when the browser closes. The problem arises when 2 people, who each have an account, login from the same computer.

Overtime, the login just stops working and just sends them right back to the login screen..no errors in the log, no validation output, just refresh. This will continue until the cookies are cleared.

Has anyone experienced anything like this in the past?

[eluser]Rick Jolly[/eluser]
The only way that I know of to have two simultaneous sessions on the same computer is to use 2 IE windows. Firefox shares memory between windows and tabs. IE will share memory between tabs, but not windows. I haven't used CI sessions, but with native php sessions (and the Native Session library in the wiki that uses php native sessions internally), I can have two users logged into the same application on the same computer as long as I'm using 2 IE windows.

Very Cool, Rick. This helps. Thanks.

I have this same, exact problem. Login page just refreshes. It happens to me often when I try to login after timing out. Or going to another site and coming back to mine to login. Very frustrating.

I asked this question again and someone gave me a suggestion that has worked great, saying...

May be you haven’t set $config[’cookie_domain’] in you application/config.php file the best thing to do is set it to “.your-site.com”

Bingo. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks a lot.

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