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recommend an IDE?

I have been using phpStorm for the past year. But I am having some trouble doing remote debugging and think that it might be a phpStorm/xdebug bug. What other IDE's have CI people used successfully while working on remote servers?
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

I'm using Netbeans

You need to do the following to set this up for PHP development

In Tools -> Plugins > Settings you need to add the plugin catalog from version 8.2


Then you can install the PHP development plugins.

After that  you can do 2 things to enable autocomplete and hints:

1, set up namespaces and everything will work fine

2,If you do not want to fool around with namespaces and setting up composer, etc.. then in the folder of your project there will be a "nbproject" directory. In this directory create another one called "ci_autocomplete" and create a file in there called autocomplete.php with the below contents

PHP Code:


 * @property CI_DB_forge $dbforge
 * @property CI_Benchmark $benchmark
 * @property CI_Calendar $calendar
 * @property CI_Cart $cart
 * @property CI_Config $config
 * @property CI_Controller $controller
 * @property CI_Email $email
 * @property CI_Encrypt $encrypt
 * @property CI_Exceptions $exceptions
 * @property CI_Form_validation $form_validation
 * @property CI_Ftp $ftp
 * @property CI_Hooks $hooks
 * @property CI_Image_lib $image_lib
 * @property CI_Input $input
 * @property CI_Language $language
 * @property CI_Loader $load
 * @property CI_Log $log
 * @property CI_Model $model
 * @property CI_Output $output
 * @property CI_Pagination $pagination
 * @property CI_Parser $parser
 * @property CI_Profiler $profiler
 * @property CI_Router $router
 * @property CI_Session $session
 * @property CI_Sha1 $sha1
 * @property CI_Table $table
 * @property CI_Trackback $trackback
 * @property CI_Typography $typography
 * @property CI_Unit_test $unit_test
 * @property CI_Upload $upload
 * @property CI_URI $uri
 * @property CI_User_agent $user_agent
 * @property CI_Validation $validation
 * @property CI_Xmlrpc $xmlrpc
 * @property CI_Xmlrpcs $xmlrpcs
 * @property CI_Zip $zip
 * @property   CI_DB_query_builder $db

class CI_Controller {



 * @property CI_DB_query_builder $db
 * @property CI_DB_forge $dbforge
 * @property CI_Config $config
 * @property CI_Loader $load
 * @property CI_Session $session

class CI_Model {




i use phpstorm - but i know alot of devs who are using vs code https://code.visualstudio.com

Thanks. I have come to the conclusion that my phpStorm is working fine. It is my Apache config under Linux that is screwed up; works fine under Windows.
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

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