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Adjust the mixer box. Cartridge Replacement in Mixer: Detailed instructions for installing the new part
More and more people in our time prefer mixers with a lever. They are in the model range of almost every modern hydraulic manufacturer. But, like any technique, mixers fail periodically. Do them or buy new ones? It depends on the cause and extent of the split. Typically, the problem is most commonly found in mixer cartridges. We will talk about them today. It turns out that a cartridge, kitchen or shower cable is not such a complicated thing, and it is quite possible to replace it in case of malfunction. From this article, you will find out what this part is, which mixer cartridges are best and how to replace the cartridge in the mixer.

Types of cartridges for mixers
There are two main types of such cartridges - the ball and the disk. They are different in structure and approximately the same in quality and service life. Let's look at their differences and features.

The ball cartridge is a blank hole with two holes. It is made of stainless steel and is also called a "regulating head". Water tubes are suitable for it. When the ball rotates, the holes are displaced and open access to hot or cold water. Or these two streams are mixed within the ball, giving warm water to the exit. These cartridges are completely narrow due to tight shrinkage and special signature. Therefore, if the ball cartridge suddenly began to flow, look at the problem precisely in the depression of its holes.
In the other form of pellets, the main work element is ceramic metal disks. Therefore, such cartridges for a mixer are called disk or, more often, ceramic. The operation mechanism of this cartridge is as follows. When you turn the lever, the upper and lower drives are shifted relative to each other, opening access to one or another water. Lever pressure can also be adjusted. Ceramic cartridges are also used in two-valve mixers - one cartridge is installed for each joystick. Mixer cartridges can be equipped with not two, but with three ceramic disks (one of them will be intermediate, performing auxiliary function). Most often they are installed in low pressure water systems.
How to change the cartridge in the mixer?
Since the mixer cartridges are replaceable parts, buying a new mixer in case of cartridge failure is not worth it. It will be enough to replace the cartridge itself.

And we install our apartments in kitchens and bathrooms with single-leafed ceramic cartridge mixers. Two-way faucets, in which bucks the crane with rubber seals go into the background. And it is not surprising, since the mixers with a lever with a ceramic cartridge have a number of benefits. They allow you to quickly adjust the pressure and water temperature with a lever at a time, which is very convenient and allows you to save not only time but also water. Thanks to the ceramic cartridges such cranes are more durable and reliable than the rubber cage bearing knees that are in two-way mixers. A faucet with a rabbit serves for many years without replacement if additional filters are missing solid (sand) particles in tap water.
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But nothing is forever, ceramic mixers with a timely leverage also fail. how to dismantle the mixer, replace the cartridge and the crane, you will find in detail in our advice.
I want to notice that the task of replacing the cartridge in the mixer is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Even a woman can afford to repair such a crane, only a minimum set is needed.
  To begin with, let's take a look at some of the points and concepts that will help us repair the mixer.

The principle of operating a leakage mixer
In a mixer with a lever, water mixing is achieved through a cartridge with ceramic intake. This is the main element of work on single-flow mixers.

Cold and hot water from the water supply enters the mixer. There he passes through holes in the ceramic cartridge inserts, the position and size of which is adjusted by the flow into which the mixer handle is attached. At the outlet of the cartridge, the water is mixed and pours out through the spill.
Device for ceramic cartridge for faucet and cause of malfunction
Before repairing, you should know that cartridges in different mixers may vary:

- diameter (35-47 mm, the most common are 35 and 40 mm),
  - the number and shape of the end holes;
  - the landing part;
  - the length of the stock.

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Therefore, when buying a new Cartridge you should be brought to your next year, in which the plumber's sales-consultant will choose the original or an analogue for you.
The cartridge has a plastic box that can be foldable and not foldable. Even if the cartridge is collapsed, then it is usually theirs not to repair, as it is not easy to pick individual parts (spare parts) (it's easier to buy a new cartridge).
  There are several holes with rubber inserts at the bottom of the cartridge. These extras serve as gasket for cartridge and mixer closure. If these pads are damaged the crane starts to flow.
The upper disk is driven by a rod, it can rotate and smeschatsya, simultaneously with the rotation (right and left movement) there is a combination of holes in the upper and lower disks, resulting in water hot and cold mixed, and offset The upper disk (up and down motion) increases or overlaps the water pressure.
Typically, the ceramic cartridge is out of service due to the wear of plastic parts of the plastic cartridge, as a result of which the ceramic inserts no longer have such a strain and begin to pass water.
  In the other case, due to small solid particles (sandstones) that fall between ceramic discs, ceramic tiles themselves can be worn, which also leads to leakage.
  There are times when faucets work normally without leakage, but the mixing treatment starts to move too much. This is due to the pouring of hardness salt at the bottom of the rod at the point of connection between the holder and the upper part of the pottery. This cartridge malfunction can be eliminated and you do not buy a new one. Despite the fact that the stock is moving too much, never lubricate the WD-40 cartridge. Greases get ceramic tiles, and they stick in such a way that the handle bar generally stops moving.

The problem of spilling the hardness salt can be solved in the following way. Remove the cartridge from the mixer (as described below), place it on a glass or ceramic surface and discard some drops of the acid purifying agent around the stock, for example, "Sanitar".
Turn the stem in different directions and leave it for several hours. It is better to put the gloves, so the acids will not lose their hands. Since the cartridge has plastic and ceramic parts, it does not remove the ice. Up to the metal mesh, cleaning agents usually do not reach. After the cartridge mixer stays with a detergent for several hours, rinse it thoroughly with running water. Develop a leak by moving it in all directions. If the problem persists, then this is a deterioration of the plastic parts, so go for a new cartridge, if the stock is easy to move, then you can replace the old one.

We have studied more or less the theory and we started practicing.
How to Disassemble a Mixer with a Joystick
Means necessary:

- Hex keys, usually 2-3 mm in size;
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