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SEO Spammers - Ban them!


Is it just me or can we just ban/delete user who just post SEO content. Their code example are mostly inaccurate and just there to get us to see their logo, read there name or look at their signature.

Giving them negative feedback dosen't results in anything; They keep on posting.

Just my two cents. What do you guys think?

@jreklund this issue has been talked about already ( https://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-67017.html ). I would just hit the report button and or mention it to the administrators.

We do try to just this. A mildly promoting post might result in a mention/warning, but blatant SEO sees those users purged. We also vet the new registrations, and try to head them off at the pass there.

This is a time-consuming process, and we might miss a few. Reporting them is appropriate!

@php_rocs: Sorry about that. Must have missed that thread.

@ciadmin: I appreciate your work here, it's hard to keep track on everything and I know it's not my forum and all. But a normal user don't add a SEO link in the signature and then make a post (on their first post). Sure it get's deleted (the link) but I have seen some cases there the user still keeps adding it. And they are still here posting incorrect code and giving bad examples. I would just ban those people directly, but that's just me.
I haven't worked with MyBB, but are there a way to disable signatures for new users (Junior Members)? That would at least make it easier to keep track and you don't need to look at the signature link all the time. And would be easier for us to report for you guys.

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