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CSS not working

HI everyone, I know that this type of problem is super easy to fix, but I don't know why, it's not working, I tryed with site_url, base_url, direct ... but nothing. i'm getting a 404 page.

Attached is the root folder.

Please your support, on this thanks a lot!

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Some info would be helpful ... the URL you are using that gives a 404, how you generate that in your code, htaccess perhaps?
Your folder tree is confusing, with css & js folders inside application, and with another copy (?) of CI3.1.9 inside "source files".
It isn't clear where your index.php is, nor how your app is configured for your server.

It is bad practice to place js and css inside the application folder.

Create a folder named "assets" at the same level as the application folder.
Create subfolders for js and css files.
Then, in the head section of your html, load your css like this:
PHP Code:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?= base_url('assets/css/name_of_stylesheet.css');?>" type="text/css" /> 

Dammm... guys you right...I didn't notice ...that I was putting the folders inside application ...my bad ....an entire day trying to get what was going on...thanks guys!

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