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Poll: Do you use the database backup feature?
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37 41.57%
52 58.43%
Total 89 vote(s) 100%
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How often do you use the backup() method of the database drivers?

I have 6-7 projects with CI and only one of them uses backup feature.

I use PostgreSQL.

(Using CodeIgniter since 1.x)

Use it on a regular basis, most of my scripts offer CRON JOB with Backup Feature... saved my life when clients are doing things they should not do...

(02-25-2019, 10:16 AM)tigerblue77 Wrote: Hi everyone,

I think you should not remove this feature from CodeIgniter because it is already codded so... Why ? What's the purpose ?
I plan to use it but I think you should call "mysqldump" through CodeIgniter to make your backup as this is a very powerful tool


Well - it only exists for Mysql and one other driver I don't recall at the moment. In order to be included it should exist across all of them... which is why I was asking. But I'm tempted to do it and make it a wrapper around whatever backup tools already exist for each engine.

As a programmer, don't think of yourself

Think about the people you code for

They need it

Backup from CodeIgnter can create issues when you have virtual columns as those will get exported as data. One you try importing such backup the import will fail. I'd suppose adding an export/import feature base on shell exec with official database tools.

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