not a valid zip file

Just heard about CodeIgniter and excited about it, but not off to a great start.

I've downloaded it twice, but I'm getting a "not a supported filetype" message from 7-zip and an "invalid or corrupted" message from Compressed (zipped) Folders utility.

Is there something wrong with the file, or me?

`' saved [822433/822433]

$ md5sum


Can you check the md5sum of the copy you downloaded?

That's not the md5sum that I get:
fa177a06bfbc973a5e4d251cbbcc081c *

Sounds like a bad download then, but that could be caused by a lot of factors. Have you tried to use a different browser to download it? If that doesn't work, the zip file could be emailed to you.

Yep. Just did that and was coming back to report that Firefox downloaded the whole thing fine. IE was only getting about 1/4 of it (for some reason). Sorry to bother the forum before exhausting my possibilities. Haven't experienced that before!

Thanks for the replies, Gordaen!

No worries; glad you got it figured out.

Sometimes its also in the connection speed.. :-)

Gee, that would be an indictment of my university network!
(Unless the problem was "out there" somewhere.)

IE has been doing this intermittently since version 4. It will also repeat the problem if you do not delete the first downloaded instance of the file before trying again. I believe it has something to do with how IE buffers a file (i.e., stores transmitted file packets in its memory input buffer) as it is downloaded and before parts of the file are written to disk. It sort of gets confused and drifts off into lala land without issuing any kind of warning.

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