Poll: What do we do with the Encrypter module?
Build it into CI4 core
Doesn't matter to me
Leave it out of the core
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[feature] Encrypter

While encryption is a useful and sometimes necessary tool, it need not be in the core. Thanks for adding this poll option.
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Remember: Obfuscation is a bad thing.
Clarity is desirable over Brevity every time.

This has certainly stirred a lot of comments, some for & some against the idea of having encryption built into CI4!
The wind is blowing 2:1 in favor of having it, but the poll is flawed in that it did not provide a "not" option in the beginning.

I did a bit of research into other frameworks' handling of encryption, and thought you might find the results interesting.
They follow, alphabetically by framework with encryption...

Laravel 5
- module Encryptions\Encrypter
- Similar to CI4 proposed, tho more methods exposed
- OpenSSL only
- Encryption\EncryptionServiceProvider classes
- Docs at https://laravel.com/docs/5.8/encryption
- very similar to what I am proposing

Yii 2
- Module yii\base\security
- openSSL based
- Encryption/decryption, key derivation, hashing & validation
- Similar to CI3 encryption

Zend 2
- Module Zend\Crypt
- symmetric encryption, bunches of classes; possibly some public/private keypait stuff
- Docs at https://docs.zendframework.com/zend-crypt/
- More complicated and far-reaching than what I am thinking of

CakePHP, FuelPHP & Symfony
- don't appear to address encryption in either the core or standard addins


Thanks for the info. I'm still a fan of keeping it thin and light and if it is needed then obtaining a library/plugin should do the trick.

Ah now that I read the thread, I wish I could change my vote to leave it out of the core. I was getting hashing and encryption mixed up... For example Laravel does bcrypt method, but I must have encryption wrong in my head. I like CI because how light it is. I'm a huge Laravel fan, but I am not using it for most of my production uses just because how bloated and slow it is.
I wish I could change my vote to leave it out since I initially said to put it into the core.

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