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Best tools and ways for a diverse team

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Hi all,

I've been coding for many years in many different languages.   I am comfortable with PHP and like what CI has to offer.  I am using it in a contract project.   

The one thing I have never been is a look and feel/art type person.  I can make the site look ok, but I don't have the artful eye to make it cool.  So my client has hired a designer who is familiar with CI and certainly knows CSS.

Our goal is to work together with him doing the look and feel, and me providing the CRUD and functionality behind the scenes.

We are physically separated and I tend to use different tools than he uses.  So I'm trying to figure out or come up with some ideas on a common set of tools we can both use that will simplify the process of allowing both of us to make changes, commit changes and push changes to a test webserver.

Our site is hosted on AWS Lightsail currently.  In order to send files to our instance we need to use SFTP which I am comfortable using but I'm not sure the UI guy is.

Back in the days of "FrontPage", yes, yes, I know  WYSISWYG web editors are the devil, the one thing they did have right was an almost one button push to your webserver.

I'm wondering what others are using and doing, in team situations with respect to tools, source control and pushing files to sites.  I'd like to find a good tool, willing to buy one, that will help both of us, UI and coder, to interact better and not waste time fiddling with various extra tools to get the job done.

I should mention we are both using Windoze 10 currently.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

TeamViewer is a great program for doing things like this.

TeamViewer - The All-in-One Solution for Secure Remote Access and Support

Not sure if it work for you but I use it to help others with their problems.
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(09-08-2019, 08:06 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: TeamViewer is a great program for doing things like this.

TeamViewer - The All-in-One Solution for Secure Remote Access and Support

Not sure if it work for you but I use it to help others with their problems.

I do use TeamViewer but I'm not following how this would help.  Perhaps my question is worded badly but I'm looking for Editor IDE that we can both use separately, on our local computers, that features ability to easily publish.


What tools do you both currently use? For versioning? UI design?

(09-08-2019, 09:57 AM)php_rocs Wrote: @MarkWS7M,

What tools do you both currently use?  For versioning? UI design?

Well currently I'm using Visual Studio on Windows simply because I have to use it for other parts of job.   The code is currently stored on Azure Dev Ops but could be moved just about anywhere.

The other guy is new so I don't yet know his tool prefs.  However I get the impression he is a UI guy not too tech savy with things as I had to help him get connected to email and dev ops.

I have PhpStorm from JetBrains and their 2019 version does seem to have all this functionality and integrates with the current source control pretty nicely.   I might recommend that one as it seems to have pretty good support for CSS which he will play around in a lot.

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I highly suggest that you use a version control software like Git* that both of you commit your code changes into, so that you can keep track of changes. Depending of your skills set up a local dev environment, so that you don't need to SCP/Git everything all the time to see the changes. That will loose you a ton of time and hard to keep track on what files you or your design guy uploaded.

You can set up a CRON script running every ~30min to make a "git pull" request so that your AWS server always have the new data, if your client want to see the demo.

*You can use Bitbucket (free up to 5 people) or Github (free up to 3 persons).

If you our your colleague don't know Git (CLI) you can use a client like GitKraken.


I think that the tool that is used to develop the work should not have to be the same between developers because every developer is different. However, how you track the development of code and test it should be. I agree with using a tool such as git (with any flavor such as github or bitbucket) for code versioning. I noticed that you said that you are using AWS Lightsail, well I happen to know that AWS has a tool to assist with code versioning called CodeCommit. Microsoft Azure also has a code repository. Picking one of these and coming up with Phase versions would go a long way to tracking code changes and testing at different phases. Just my two cents.

I'm with jreklund - use git. You should be able to setup a git repository on the AWS server that each of you can clone and then start pulling from and pushing to. You'll need to agree to and follow a branching scheme and some rules as who gits to commit to the primary (usually the develop) branch. GitKraken will make this easy if your associate is CLI challenged.

In terms of communication Slack is still the way to go - makes it easy for on team and freelance devs to communicate with me or others. Also always suggest Git as the way to go for Version control, never had issues with it for our projects.

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