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BCIT Contacts?

Hi folks,

Nice to meet you all.  Plan to begin contributing to the CodeIgnighter4 codebase here starting in the next few days.  Already have it downloaded and forked over to my GIthub account, have been through the issues list, and will see what I can do to get my hands dirty with you all.

Anyway, BCIT is the current steward of CodeIgnighter, correct?  Vancouver is in my backyard, so this interests me.  I'm the creator of Apex, and after two years of hard work, finally done at: **REDACTED**

Research pulled a man by name name of James Perry as the CodeIgnighter conact at BCIT, but upon searching him, he works in the transportation technology department of BCIT.  Not sure if he got moved to that dept afterwards, or if he's still the contact, or??

Nonetheless, considering the obvious synergy, would love to get into contact with someone (or multiple people) over at BCIT who are involved with CodeIgnighter.  Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


BCIT has transferred the CodeIgniter project to the CodeIgniter Foundation... https://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-74677.html

James Parry (that would be me) is still project lead, and president of the foundation.

BCIT had two James Parrys working there (the "real" one and the one you found in transportation), but only the one now that I am retired. Well, I am drawing a pension but not *totally* retired - I am teaching a course on open source practices Undecided

This would be the place to get ahold of the people behind CodeIgniter. For more immediacy, join the Slack channel ... http://codeignitersignup.ciblox.com/

Oh, so BCIT is no longer involved?  Well, I guess that shoots that idea down.  There was a small part of me hoping they would help organize a developer competition / hackathon.

Alright then, maybe see you around Github.  I'll jump in starting today or tomorrow, and see what I can do to knock down some of these issues for the CI teanm.  Need to start contributing to OSS, and I've chosen CI and CiviCRM as my goto projects zgpt mpefor now.

Will give Slack another try, but unsure.  Life decided to play a funny joke on me, and make me blind 3 years ago, and the Slack client and Orca screen reader don't like each other.  Will see what I can do to resolve that.


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