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Bookkeeping CRUD app

Hi dear members,

I apologize if this thread is not in the right place.
I want to make CRUD bookkeeping app.

I have three types of users: admin, manager and customer. admin will be able to see everything and to add managers, customers, companies and enable predefined books (payment, invoice, tax... 9 all together).

Each customer can have one or more small companies, each company has relation to 9 books. Those books can be dis/enabled by admin or manager. Company can be dis/enabled by admin or manager

For those books is important to have: inline cell editing, inserting / adding / removing rows between rows, dynamic recalculation of income and outcome per row (plus previous row), converting currency numbers into words (php code).
Export to PDF with customized header (company name, address, identification number...), and customized footer with page number, logo, book name. 

I managed to this in LiveCycle Designer with dynamic XML forms and JavaScript , but this solution is offline, and now I want to move online, with same feel but better.

I started following Udemy course and discovered CI. Beside that I found Pro Login and PDO Crud solutions. Now I am overwhelmed with information and do not know to proceed. Now I want to combine all those solutions together.

Do you have better (simplier) approach?
Is it possible to have it done properly moving forward. Because every time I have a problem, there are dozens of semi solutions, which make me desperate and force me to try something else.

I am basically newbie in programming and open for your ideas.

Cheers, Ivica

Honestly with you: I doubt one can just sit down and write descent bookkeeping web-app alone and within reasonable timeframe. It is a task for year(s) considering ability to work full-time. You will have to write a lot of business logic, that comes on top of all that user-management, PDF generation, form builders, etc. Unit-testing will also require additional efforts, as well as security, API, overall architecture, several rounds of refactoring...

Back to your question about merging those software packages. "Pro Login" is CI3, "PDO Crud" is not CI at all, and most probably you would like to use CI4 in your project to benefit from long-term framework support. In short: this will be a pain.

Thank you zahhar. I am not in the hurry, I just want to start, and stick to the plan. I know what I want (I done it in the LiveCycle Designer video showcase and people who are using it, are generally satisfied with it.). I just do not know, how to accomplish this using CI4 and all compatible technologies. I suppose I need to start with user management and permissions, after that crud datatables for each accounting form. I believe better to start from the scratch, instead of using half solutions. Where to start, to start it properly?

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