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MVP on Ci4

Hello, I now want to develop my MVP of such a plan in the APP folder, there will be files of the entire MVP and the root will be the “modules” folder and it will expand my MVP. So far, a very big problem is that I can’t create the “modules” folder in the root and put all my modules in it that expand my MVP. I found modularity in the documentation but somehow it is not correctly implemented. Because if I have a module in the root of the “modules” folder, for example, “News”, then in this folder “News” there should be such folders (Services, Configuration, Filters, Libraries, Filters, Languages, Controller). So that I can install my development with ease and upload my written modules to the “modules” folder so that I won’t get flattery in the “APP” folder and configure all the config files. It is very uncomfortable. At least you had the opportunity to expand the config files from the "APP" folder in my root folder "modules / news" so that I could inherit from the "APP / config" config.

MVP goal:
Create basic functionality to expand my experience with modules.
I want to create 3 entities (Admin, Dashboards, Site) and I want to expand it with my modules, which will lie in the root of the "modules" folder.
And when I start to do a new project so that I can install the entire framework through the composer and copy my files for MVP to the "APP" folder.
And the modules themselves so that I can store the “modules” in the root folder, so that I no longer go into the “APP” folder, the frame of my MVP will not be stored in the “modules” folder, but this frame will expand.

this is what I described, I released on CI3 but I want to do this on CI4, but there is a limitation that I can’t make all config files modularly customizable. It always lets me edit the main configuration files, but I don’t really like it.

Have you read "Code Modules" in the userguide? It describe the acme structure and how to load it.

I looked, but the problem in the second approach is that for the configs to work, you need to register each module with its namespace in autoload, and for my modules to work, you need to edit the autoload file every time.

It dosen't randomly scan your root directory every time, that would be a performance problem. It only knows it own structure within "app".

You can implement that part yourself, if you want to scan /modules/ (for admin, dashboards, site) yourself. Then append $psr4 with the correct format.


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