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Is CI4 fully production-ready ? Worth it switching from CI3 to CI4 ?

I'm a huge fan of Codeigniter. Especially Codeigniter 3, & I have been using it for more than 1.5 years.
In that time, I have developed a large amount of Sites, APIs, & other applications using CI3.
It has been a very important part of my Development Stack.

But recently, I've seen that a new version was released.

I've been experimenting with CI4 for quite some time & It's just simply amazing. I love every single thing about It so far.

The only thing I'm somewhat worried about is whether CI4 is considered Future-proof & Production-ready.
I plan to use it for my next project and learn as I go with it.

I wanted to hear the opinions of the community.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you Smile


I would say it is definitely Production-ready. It is currently being used by many in the CI community. Check the CI forums. As far a Future-Proof, I would say that it uses a lot of the current best practices of coding (and some of the PSRs). So based on that I would definitely say it is Future-Proof.

Here are some examples...

You asked whether CI4 is production ready. I would say yes. However, I would also ask what are your intents. If you want a legacy php application that scales horribly but is easy to host than php is perfect. If you would like to build a modern application that scales well than I would say you are far off your target. People here they host their applications on shared hosts. Half of them don't even know or understand what the cloud is. They choose to ignore it. Instead they decide to create frameworks based on antiquated languages. Even worse they decide to perpetuate that software through young minded human beings that don't know any better. CI has been around for what… my god I think now nearly 10 years. In those nearly 10 years nothing has really changed. I mean they have changed some things but nothing really meaningful has changed. Web development in the last 10 years has changed very much. You ask about CI4. When what you really should be asking is about PHP. Many vendors have completely stopped supporting PHP. AWS doesn't support PHP in their serverless environment.

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