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BUG: Parser Service

This may be a possible bug, not sure though.
I have data for the HTML like:

PHP Code:
$data = [
                'asset_url' => site_url(),
                'claimer_name' => $claimData->claimer_name,
                'claimed_module' => $claimData->claimed_module,

            if ($claimData->claimed_module === 'hospital')
                $data['claimed_profile_name'] = "{$claimData->hospital_name}{$claimData->hospital_country}";
            if ($claimData->claimed_module === 'doctor')
                $data['claimed_profile_name'] = "{$claimData->doctor_name}{$claimData->doctor_country}";
Sample HTML
Congratulations {claimer_name}. <br/>
                        Your claim request for {claimed_module} <b>{claimed_module_name}</b>
                          has been <b style='background-color:#00d687; padding: 3px; border-radius:3px; color: #fff;'>Approved</b>. <br></p>
                            <p>Please set your password below. <br>
                            <a href="{action_link}" style="padding:10px; background:#444; color: #fff; border-radius:3px; text-decoration:none; box-shadow: 0 5px 10px rgba(0,0,0,0.4)">
                            Set new password
the line
Your claim request for {claimed_module} <b>{claimed_module_name}</b>
is being rendered as
Quote:Your claim request for hospital hospital

looks like parser converts {claimed_module} and {claimed_module_name} with same value.

This works when I use variables {claimed_module} and replace {claimed_module_name} with {claimed_profile_name}
But again gives faulty output if I use {claimed_profile} and {claimed_profile_name}
 can someone please confirm

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