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CodeIgniter Help Needed for Core

Hey all - I've got a couple of tasks that I would love it someone(s) could help out with to smooth out current release cycle a bit more. We need some GitHub actions built, as described below. If anyone is interested please let me know here.

1. When updates are pushed to codeigniter4/codeigniter4 it will rebuild the user guide and merge into the gh_pages branch. This will allow a development build of the user guide to always be up to date.

2. When a new release is made on the main repo, it should automatically create a new release on the userguides repo, and then build and deploy the current version to location specified in the repo's SECRETS. There is an existing Action that @MGatner put together that does the release creation for codeigniter4/framework and codeigniter4/appstarter that can be used as an example.

3. We need to build the api docs daily (if possible), as well as be able to build them on new releases from the main repo.

For 2 and 3 we have partial stuff for that existing using a semi-manual method in the admin folder of the main repo that can be used as a starter. In addition, MGatner's work on the other action can be found in the main repo as well.

If this is something you're interested in helping out with, please speak up here.


Hey kilishan! Do you happen to have any stats on CI downloads and/or usage?
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(05-25-2020, 01:11 PM)albertleao Wrote: Hey kilishan! Do you happen to have any stats on CI downloads and/or usage?

These are all publicly available, but currently codeigniter4/framework has been installed through Composer 39,193 times, according to Packagist.

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