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I'm a one day old new recruit to Codeigniter and i acknowledge that every day is a learning day so i'll be grateful for any help you may provide.

I have a php application that i want to port to Codeigniter. Would i need to start learning CI or would the same code work. For some part of it anyway, would it be possible to use the source code on individual pages. I understand the templating system in CI as well as the MVC (not very conversant in this, but i have been leaning all i can).


What is the structure of the current application? What programming patterns (if any) were used? By your estimation is it a small, medium or large application?

Based on a little bit of what you said above there might be some pieces of the old code that can be used but more then likely this is more of a rewrite.

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I've never been a fan of just porting old sites because new features will not be implemented.

Once you managed to render "welcome_message.php" experiment!

For starters:
1. Copy the Home.php Controller and rename to a new Controller. Beware of Case sensitivity.
2. Add a new route to call the new Controller
3. Add new methods to the new Controller
4. Copy "welcome_message.php" and rename to a new View file.
5. Display the new View file.
6. Try passing parameters to the new Controller. A new route will be required.
7. Try adding a database, creating a Model and Model Methods.
8. Try calling the new Controlle, passing parameters, retrieving database data and rendering in the new View.
9. Become familiar with the Online Help and follow the Tutorials.
19. Drop the old PHP methods, experiment and take advantage of new features.

Welcome and enjoy Smile

Also read the CodeIgniter User Guide and complete all of the tutorials in it.
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