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REST validationRules


I'm giving v4 a try after loving v3 for a long time.

I'm really impressed by the new REST features built in but i have a problem. (or lack of knowledge)

If i have a following validation rules in my model:

PHP Code:
namespace App\Models;

    use CodeIgniter\Model;

CompaniesModel extends Model
    protected $table      'companies';
    protected $primaryKey 'company_number';

    protected $returnType     'array';
    protected $useSoftDeletes true;

    protected $allowedFields = ['company_number''address_line_1''address_line_2''town''post_code'];

    protected $beforeInsert = ['beforeInsert'];
    protected $beforeUpdate = ['beforeUpdate'];

    protected $useTimestamps true;
    protected $createdField  'created_at';
    protected $updatedField  'updated_at';
    protected $deletedField  'deleted_at';

    protected $validationRules    = [
        'company_number'    => 'required|min_length[8]|max_length[10]|is_unique[companies.company_number,company_number,{company_number}]',
        'address_line_1'    => 'required|max_length[64]',
        'address_line_2'    => 'max_length[64]',
        'town'              => 'required|max_length[64]',
        'post_code'         => 'required|max_length[8]',

    protected $validationMessages = [
        'company_number'        => [
            'is_unique' => 'The company number provided already exists in the system.'

    protected $skipValidation     false;

    protected function beforeInsert(array $data){
        $data['data']['country']    "GB";
        return $data;

    protected function beforeUpdate(array $data){
        //print_r($data); die;
        return $data;

This works great for inserts but i get the is_unique error when I try to do an update, luckily theres a feature to feature to fix that
PHP Code:

But then insert breaks with a mysql error

Duplicate entry '77777777' for key 'company_number'

Is there a way to easily fix this or have different validation rules for the 2 different requests ?

something like this maybe ?
PHP Code:
    protected function beforeUpdate(array $data){
        $this->validationRules['company_number'] = 'required|min_length[8]|max_length[10]|is_unique[companies.company_number,company_number,{company_number}]';
        $data['data']['country']    "GB";
        return $data;


Use "id" as primary key and Company_number leave as it is.
But lookout change also you're migration or direct your database table.
Then you can use is_unique[companies.company_number,id,{id}]
For example.

    namespace App\Models;

    use CodeIgniter\Model;

class CompaniesModel extends Model
    protected $table      = 'companies';
    protected $primaryKey = 'id';

    protected $returnType     = 'array';
    protected $useSoftDeletes = true;

    protected $allowedFields = ['company_number', 'address_line_1', 'address_line_2', 'town', 'post_code'];

    protected $beforeInsert = ['beforeInsert'];
    protected $beforeUpdate = ['beforeUpdate'];

    protected $useTimestamps = true;
    protected $createdField  = 'created_at';
    protected $updatedField  = 'updated_at';
    protected $deletedField  = 'deleted_at';

    protected $validationRules    = [
        'company_number'    => 'required|min_length[8]|max_length[10]|is_unique[companies.company_number,id,{id}]',
        'address_line_1'    => 'required|max_length[64]',
        'address_line_2'    => 'max_length[64]',
        'town'              => 'required|max_length[64]',
        'post_code'         => 'required|max_length[8]',

    protected $validationMessages = [
        'company_number'        => [
            'is_unique' => 'The company number provided already exists in the system.'

    protected $skipValidation     = false;

    protected function beforeInsert(array $data){
        $data['data']['country']    = "GB";
        return $data;

    protected function beforeUpdate(array $data){
        //print_r($data); die;
        return $data;

not exactly what i wanted but it works, thanks.

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