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New vid: 3 New Features in CI 4.0.4

Thank you! Upgrading today

Thanks, great features.

Thanks  Heart

Where to point out not best choices for the user guide and or user guide examples?

(sorry to be slightly off topic and though sorry but I can't help with development, but I can do something with user guide hints and enhancements)



the first snippet is

PHP Code:
and its note tells

In a route, the first parameter contains the URI to be matched, while the second parameter contains the destination it should be re-routed to. In the above example, if the literal word “product” is found in the first segment of the URL, and a number is found in the second segment, the “AppCatalog” class and the “productLookup” method are used instead.

it should be :any instead as written later in the examples

PHP Code:

or again, taken from the examples, it should be changed to a less confusing
PHP Code:

if you agree, like the later example shows

PHP Code:

the first snippet will kill newbies and students especially when they later will reach the examples section

I have seen others (sort of) incongruities around, like the word 'post' choosen to be written lowercase in the blog tutorial

were post will be confused by post/posts in the blog, where the tutorial itself referers to a blog,

instead it could clarify writing POST uppercase

I mean this page https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/tutor...items.html

if you go to the the second section "Create a form", its code snippet is

PHP Code:
<h2><?= esc($title); ?></h2>

<?= \Config\Services::validation()->listErrors(); ?>

<form action="/news/create" method="post">
    <?= csrf_field() ?>

method="post", just to "help" newbies and students, can be written method="POST"

yes PHP coders will laugh .. but the tutorial is such basic that I would guess is NOT meant to be thought nor for PHP experienced coders neither for just PHP coders , it is meant for newbies and students,

since unhappily the tutorial context is the one of a blog, the 'post' lowercase will cause a short-circuit in the newbie reader


Just to mention a couple

So could turn in a a courteous kindness towards students readers, to edit the tutorial and begin fixing these two

P.S. kindly allow to add a third one
the controversy routes

in this page

a brief introduction is written

but immediately right after it begins a section PlaceHolders


where the the
method appears and it is exampled many times along the entire (long) URI Routing page

... well the implication suggests that e.g.

$routes->add('product/(:num)', 'App\Catalog::productLookup');

should be written into the app/config/Routes.php file ...

but nowhere along the page is found a snippet with a practical example , nowhere in the entire https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/incom...uting.html page

and to be honest, I just guess it and I ask myself too, are all those $routes->add() to be written in app/config/Routes.php?


if the code $routes->add('product/(:num)', 'App\Catalog::productLookup'); has to be placed in that file ... where it should be added?


 * --------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Router Setup
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------

or in

 * --------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Route Definitions
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------


 * --------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Additional Routing
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------

everything above could look silly but these are the questions that will make students to abandon

Thank you! Upgrading this week!

I was developing my project with CI3, however after checking CI4, I felt in love!
Thank you.

Thank you

(01-16-2021, 03:01 AM)Corsari Wrote: Where to point out not best choices for the user guide and or user guide examples?
Sending Pull Requests is the best way.


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