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Best way to create a notifications system in nav bar


I want to create a "notification system" with an icon in the nav bar that shows the notifications.

This notifications shows in every page.

What is the best way to do this?

I have 2 different "base controller". 1 for logged users and 1 for not-logged users.


Do you want to create the notification system only for the user they are logged in?

Notification System = Controller + Model + View, and it show every page load or ajax request

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Pfeilei, the notification shows to everyone, logged or not.

Nc03061981, the controller is for the page. Inside the page there is a nav bar with the notifications. How can use the page controller and the notification controller at same time?

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You can use notification library (instead of notification controller) and call it in page controller.

Alternatively you can use View Cells or View Partials in your main layout - depending on how you organize the output.

With that I would go with what @T.O.M. but use view cells this way you can always
customize it in one location.
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Ok, View Cells is a good solution.

Thank you

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